Apple iOS — Registration requirements include a fee of $99 per year and accepting the terms of service.

Android — Registration requirements include a one-time fee of $25 and accepting the terms of service.

BlackBerry — Registration requirements include a $200 fee for every 10 apps you publish. You must also have a Blackberry World App Vendor Agreement in place with RIM, the creator of BlackBerry in order to distribute apps.

Windows — Registration requirements include a $99 per year membership fee and no fee if you are a student (See The Windows Marketplace also charges $19 per year for each free app after the first five apps.

Research and Networking – Research other similar apps on the market. – Meeting up with another developer to talk shop. It’s super important to network with fellow developers and entrepreneurs!

Analytics – Translates reviews and app stats so you can read worldwide feedback of your app. – Tracking the activity and the users inside of your apps. – Analytics and store stats.

Outsourcing Websites – Their work diary feature tracks the hours your programmer is working for you and takes screenshots of the programmer’s desktop at certain time intervals. You can review these images to make sure that the programmer was really working on your project and not participating in his local dodge ball championship. – This site has the most programmers listed. They claim that twice as many programmers will respond to your ad and I found this to be mostly true. & Elance.comThese sites also have large lists of programmers and it’s always good to have different pools of talent competing for your business. – Provides personal assistance via the Internet and telephone.
50 Freelance Job Sites for Designers & Programmers – Great list of outsourcing sites!

Development Tools
Fluid UI – Create interactive prototypes and wireframes for iOS, Android, and Windows. Send to your programmer to make sure you are on the same page. – Testing your app.
App Business Brokers – when you want to sell your business. They are the leading experts at buying and selling app businesses.
Basecamp – Online project management systems can help you coordinate multiple staff members at multiple locations on the same project.

Promotions – Several companies will promote your paid app as temporarily free through their website and social media followings. You pay a fee to them for the traffic they send you.

Monetization – Affiliate marketing, rewarded for referring a consumer to another app.
Check out our full list of Ad Networks here.

Consulting – Direct access to consultations from hundreds of experts in any field. A great resource to get that extra edge!

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