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Are YOU the Problem in Your Business? Don’t Be Your Own Worst Hire.

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A big, and common, mistake appreneurs tend to make is hiring the wrong developers. This honestly happens to both experienced and novice appreneurs. It’s part of owning your own business. But what happens when you can’t find a good hire? When every one you work with is failing and you continue to miss “red flags.”

Well, my friend, sometimes you’re the problem. Poor management and communication can cause a horrible experience even with a great developer or designer.

The good news? You don’t have to fire yourself – you can fix yourself!

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The Top App Ad Networks for High eCPMs

So you’ve decided to give your app away for free and earn money with embedded ads. That’s great—but where do you get ads that will pay off?

It’s important to note: your revenue with ad networks will eb and flow. As new networks are built, and old networks get more developers in, revenue will change. What does that mean for you? It means you can never stop testing in order to optimize your ads.

You need to try multiple ad networks to see which fits you best, and continue switching out networks when one isn’t working for you anymore. The great news is you can implement many of these SDKs at once and simply turn them off and on when you want to use them, which makes testing easy!

Here, we’ll take a look at the best ad networks for apps, letting you know how they work and how you can use them to profit from your free ad. Sign-up now as they’re free to use:

Intended for iPhone and iPad apps, iAds makes it super-easy to run ads. The development is integrated with the iOS, so there’s no separate SDK to install—and they do all the work for you. You just sit back and collect 70% of the revenue.

This company can double as a distributor and monetizor. They offer both integrated banner ads and full-screen interstitial ads that highlight a single advertiser and bring in more revenue—because big companies bid heavy on the full screens.

RevMob is the worldwide leading ad network when it comes to mobile traffic monetization. The company delivers eCPMs well above the average of the industry with a simple SDK implementation.

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