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3 Tips to Be a Hot Shot UI/UX Expert

-- This is a guest post by Cliff Viegas, owner of Kerofrog, a mobile app development company dedicated to quality iOS apps and design. -- Did you know that Apple keeps track of user retention? Also known as the amount of times a user uses your app, and how often they come back. And of course, the longer they are using your app, the more likely the chance they will buy something or share the app with their friends. Which is why the User Interface (UI) and Experience (UX) are so critical. What Read more [...]

Top 5 Legal Issues Facing App Developers

-- This is a guest post by Aaron George, fellow app developer and founder of LawKick -- Developing apps can be an exciting and rewarding business to jump into. It’s also one of the easiest businesses to get up and running on a small budget. The iOS App Store and Google Play are powerful platforms that developers can tap into, providing instant, seamless accessibility to a customer base of millions all over the world. However, even though the app business has fewer barriers to entry, it still Read more [...]

General, App Empire, and App Flipping FAQs

We wanted to put together this FAQ to answer some of your most common questions from our support desk. We think everyone can benefit from seeing these answers, and being able to reference them whenever they need. Have a question not answered here? Post in the comment section below! App Empire Course & General App Development How do I get started with apps? We've designed a step-by-step course to teach entrepreneurs how to make and market mobile apps led by app expert, Chad Mureta. Read more [...]