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Inside My Inbox — Exclusive Email Walkthrough (+ Time-sensitive BONUS)

Do you feel like you spend most of your day answering emails? Staring at the never-ending time-suck that is your inbox? Well, I just got an inbox an amazing way! Arman Assadi, who you may remember from our last video blog on how to build an effortless system, just showed me all the hacks and tips on how he organizes email by shooting a tutorial video just for the AE community using my own inbox. I had no idea (as you could see via my inbox!) all the ways you could make your life Read more [...]

INTERVIEW: Why I Left Google (and how I created my own life)

Have you ever known someone that worked all their lives to get to the top of their career...and then gave it all up? There was a time I thought I knew what my end goal was. I wanted to own a huge real estate company and I put everything I had into this dream. I hired a large team, reinvested all my money into this company, and as soon as I got it, I realized it wasn't for me. That can be crushing...or that can be the start of something bigger. Introducing Arman... I want to introduce Read more [...]

App Math — Simple methods to know market numbers

The App Store is such a vital tool to your success. It’s unlike any other industry in that there’s a TON of information readily available for you. You can see the popular trends, successful graphics, top apps, companies making the most money, and customer feedback all in real time. However, to really understand the market you need to also do some behind the scene’s research as well. With any part of the app development process, you have to be analyzing your numbers. How do I know how many Read more [...]