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App Empire is internationally recognized as a pioneer and leading company in app development. Most recently known for our bestselling book App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life, and Let Technology Work for You, where we discuss the story of starting with one app and growing to over 60 apps with over 50 million downloads. App Empire has a successful track record with three app company acquisitions back to back.

Chad Mureta

Chad is the founder of Empire Apps and co-founder of T3 Apps and Best Apps, three mobile application businesses that he created and sold for millions. Without any tech experience, he developed an idea for a mobile application that would go on to be a best-seller in the App Store and serve as the catalyst for a new company, career, and way of life. Now almost three years later, he has spearheaded the development and marketing of over 46 apps, which have been downloaded over 35 million times worldwide. As an author, consultant, and entrepreneur, Mureta’s unique insight, experience, and tenacity have enabled him to make his businesses thrive, all while living the life of his dreams and traveling the world. Mureta shares his experiences and expertise in his book, App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life, and Let Technology Work for You.